Running shoes for men. The Titanium running sports model is intended for training, offering the runner softer footsteps thanks to the incorporation of a piece of gel at the rear.

The cut is made of very light, flexible and super breathable technical mesh. The Jacquard finish draws an elegant renovated upper, accompanied by VTS technology, which adds perforations of different sizes to facilitate sweat ventilation. The result is an improvement in airflow, which makes it possible for the runner's foot to remain at a constant temperature throughout the race. To optimize the fit and support, pieces of JOMA SPORTECH heat-sealed synthetic material have been inserted in order to add as little weight as possible. And on the toe, they have a PROTECTION piece to prevent external blows to the fingers, give consistency and increase durability.

The midsole is made of FULL DUAL PULSOR double density phylon to achieve the perfect balance between cushioning and stability. At the rear, the cushioning is reinforced with PULSOR technology, a piece of gel that absorbs impacts, offers smoother transitions and favors the drive. And to give the extra touch of stability that the runner needs, they are equipped with a STABILIS piece in the shank, so that inappropriate turns and the appearance of injuries are prevented. With 10mm drop.

The sole is made of high quality DURABILITY rubber and resistant to abrasion wear on asphalt. It has FLEXO technology, which helps the shoes to be flexible and favors a more natural footprint.


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