Payment and delivery

Delivery methods:

Delivery is carried out by new mail to branches operating in Ukraine, at the rates of the carrier.

Shipment is paid by the Client in accordance with the chosen method of delivery at the post office.

If desired, the Client may make a prepayment in order not to pay the cash on delivery.

If you have any questions, please contact the sales department or the administration by phone.

Payment methods:
After you have placed an order, our manager will contact you, confirm the availability of the selected product and help you choose a convenient method of payment. Do not transfer money without confirmation, as the products presented on the site may sometimes be temporarily unavailable.

Payment can be made in the following ways:

- Cash payment for self-pickup by pre-made order and agreement.

- Payment by PrivatBank card.

In order to pay for the order, you need to replenish the card account through Privat24 system, in any branch of PrivatBank, at the cash desk or through the terminal, the number of which you will receive when ordering in a confirmation letter or SMS message. Upon receipt of the order, the customer pays extra for the delivery of goods (except for the "Free Shipping") at the rate of the transport company. The parcel is insured at full cost.

- Payment of the order upon receipt of the goods in the warehouse of the transport company.

Payment of the order upon receipt is possible only on the territory of Ukraine! In this case, you can try and check the product to full payment for it. In case of payment of the order upon receipt, the client additionally pays the cost of delivery of the goods and transfer of money for it at the rate of the transport company. The parcel is insured at full cost. In case of refusal of the order, the client undertakes to pay all transport costs!

- Non-cash transfer to our bank account (type of payment - "for sports equipment").

You will receive all the details for payment when ordering in the confirmation letter.