Running shoes for men. Joma's most complete shoe to date! Recommended for fast runners (less than 4 minutes/km), the R.2000 will give you the versatility you need: lightness, comfort and incredible reactivity. What would you think if we told you that we have created the perfect shoes that will serve you practically for everything? Roll comfortably, speed up your recovery, prepare for a competition, train... Nothing is missing from the R.2000 running shoes!

The upper is made of breathable textile with the incorporation of small perforations made with VTS technology, which favor perspiration ventilation. To give firmness, support and adjustment to the upper, we have added several systems. On the one hand, the seamless JOMA SPORTECH synthetic in the lacing area adapts the shoes to the foot. On the other hand, between the lining and the main material, we have included a structure of adjustment straps, which will not influence the flexibility of the shoes.

The elastic and ultralight tongue is sewn to the lining in order to avoid slipping.

The very light midsole has been built with FULL DUAL PULSOR technology, made up of materials of different densities. At the back, it has FLY REACTIVE, a super light and flexible foam that "forces" you to fly over the asphalt. The energy return is extraordinary, optimizing reactivity and momentum. As a result, the run will be more comfortable and dynamic, in addition to helping you reduce fatigue after running at such speed. On the front, it has excellent quality phylon and higher density to absorb impacts.

The R.2000 shoes are among the enemies of Joma's asphalt. The sole is made of DURABILITY rubber to withstand abrasion on asphalt. This provides excellent resistance and durability so that you can use it after use without getting damaged. With studs to improve traction on this type of surface.

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