This is a balanced training shoe for runners looking for cushioning and lightness. You don't know why you are going to run, but you do know that you want to go fast. DROP 10 shoe. Weight 317 gr. For runners of greater weight to 70 kg for training of 1 to 7 days. 

The cut is made of custom nylon and lateral TPU, which offers the structure lightness and external supports to prevent the back from becoming deformed. It is sewn without internal seams which allows for the complete adjustment to the foot. The 360 system makes it a very light and very comfortable model. The cut is complemented with reinforcements to increase its resistance, a heel buttress provides greater protection and comfort thanks to the shape with more ergonomic forms. It has the EXO COUNTER system. The Super-Cross model also uses the SPORTECH system whereby rubber is injected into the structure and thus avoiding seams and other rigid materials in the upper part of the shoe. This gives the shoe a lightness, making it more comfortable and offering greater flexibility while also fitting the foot better. The thickness varies depending on the protection and resistance needs of each zone. It has a VTS ventilation system that allows for perspiration and a breathable shoe. 

The insole is made of pre-molded EVA to perfectly fit the foot, helping to cushion and thus absorb the impact of each step. Natural 2 mm EVA sole sewn to the structure by GLOVE SYSTEM technology whereby both pieces are sewn flat down and without seams, which keeps the rounded lines of the foot. 
The Midsole is made with Full Dual Pulsor, two piece of phylon. The top section provides stability, while the lower section attached to the sole is made with nre Rebound to provide excellent shock absortion. The higher the density, the greater the stability, while the lower the density the greater the lightness This technology gives the runner flex and better absorption with every step. It incorporates a C2S system (Cell Cushion System), an inner part with a perforated cell system that allows better cushioning and faster shape recovery. With every step, the piece expands facilitating cushioning and accentuating the athlete's natural momentum. 

The sole is made in high-quality rubber for scratch resistance (DIN-70) and of phylon, a very resistant material and with great resistance to wear in the landing zone, complemented with the DURABILITY system. This provides the sole with greater durability thanks to the durable rubber, which delays abrasion through wear thus extending the life of the shoe. The sole also incorporates REBOUND technology that allows a greater and faster boost, thanks to the increase in rebound. You will gain a more effective and energetic stride that will evolve your career. It incorporates the FLEXO system, flexion lines located ergonomically in the sole to offer the best transition from the heel to the toe in each step. The heel only allows the sole to flex, which provides better support and a more natural and flexible footprint. The sole is complemented with STABILIS technology, a piece of TPU located in the narrowest part of the sole to avoid bad twists between the front and back of the foot, thus achieving greater stability.


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